MI map with counties edited 


Mike Ritchie:  Roscommon, MI. Email me and I will get you connected to a trainer in your area. Check out our events page for a current list of trainings

Don King:                 989-551-0384  Decker, MI ( Thumb area)

Nick Miu:          989-245-9727 ; email Applegate, MI (Thumb)

Brent Morell:   989-213-2813; email  Cass City, MI.  (Thumb)     

Ray Lehr:                 517-339-8396; email located in Lansing, MI

Ray Kawiecki :  989-832-7685 email located in Midland, MI

Fred Romine: 269-589-8612 email Battlecreek, MI. 

Gary Harms:        989.366.0901, email  Houghton Lake MI

Fred Kleinert:    989-387-8567, email located in Houghton

Lake MI

Mike Wigle:       989-727-3443, email    Located in Hubbard Lake, MI (Near Alpena, NE MI) 

How to train Line Judges for tournaments